Combimatic® Eyebrow & Liner

Combimatic® Eyebrow & Liner
Combimatic® Eyebrow & Liner

  • functional two-in-one makeup pen: powdery eyebrow stick + retractable eyebrow liner
  • use: to accentuate, intensify and define the eyebrow
  • soft premium applicator: to color the brows just glide gently over the brows' hair, in direction of their growth.
  • the eyebrow liner defines shape and curve of the eyebrow (for a natural finish just blend the line with the applicator)
  • irregularities in brow structure can be balanced
  • shades of both eyebrow color and liner to be combined at one's convenience
  • all components Combimatic® Eyebrow & Liner are refillable and also available as stand-alone product
  • handy, precise and convenient to go