MONOMATIC® Brow Styler with spoolie brush
MONOMATIC® Brow Styler with spoolie brush
  • automatic eyebrow definer in pen shape
  • use: to accentuate, intensify and define the eyebrow, bringing the brow into shape while coloring them (no re-brushing necessary)
  • super-easy to handle: just twist off the filled cap – and the pen is ready for use! Now let the applicator glide gently over the brows' hair, in direction of their growth.  
  • precise application and ideal pay-off
  • cap compatible for Monomatic®, Twinmatic® and Combimatic® (refillable)
  • available as finished product or – as refill system – with separate, filled cap (for individual color selection or repurchasing single favorite shades)
  • unique cream-to-powder bulk
  • mat powder texture for an expressive and natural eyebrow look 
  • irregularities in brow structure can be balanced
  • longlasting
  • attractive standard color range for every color type
  • convenient to go
  • For additional shaping, please use the brush and boost the brows up, bringing also stubborn brow hairs into line!