MONOMATIC® Concealer

MONOMATIC® Concealer
MONOMATIC® Concealer
  • automatic concealer in pen shape
  • use: to cover single spots, dark circles, spotty redness and slight imperfections around the eye
  • super-easy to handle: just twist off the filled cap – and the pen is ready for use!
  • precise application and ideal pay-off
  • cap compatible for Monomatic®, Twinmatic® and Combimatic® (refillable)
  • available as finished product or – as refill system – with separate, filled cap (for individual color selection or repurchasing single favorite shades)
  • unique cream-to-powder bulk
  • creamy texture, perfectly adapted to the soft applicator for a gentle and covering result
  • perfect as prep before makeup finish
  • attractive and natural skin tones
  • convenient to go