smart selection

You have come to the right place if ...
... you already have or are planning your own cosmetics brand.
... you start with a low investment.
... you prefer small order quantities.
... you are looking for an experienced partner at your side.

full service package included

  • Products "made in Germany"
  • Assembled and filled directly in-house
  • In top quality
  • Registration of your company & product notification in the ECHA's CPNP portal
  • Creation and management of the PIF in accordance with KvO 1223/2009
  • Creation of an artwork with proof for approval
  • All you have to do is send us your brand logo
  • Proof sample with your artwork created especially for you
  • Batch coding by means of laser or blind imprint to

       guarantee the legally required traceability

  • Microbiological examination of the finished product with certificate of analysis

Very easy and

child's Play!

You save yourself the "administrative stuff"! You only need to provide us with your brand logo. We'll do the rest!


BrowStyler with 3 selected colors, suitable for every skin and hair type.*


EyeShadow Pen with 8 selected colors, in a great balanced color range.*


Liquid eyeliner with the unique carbon ink, an absolute 

ask about the current color range right away. We look forward to your inquiry!

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*standard version without secondary or stickers.